The AllerGard Animal Transfer Station model NU-620 provides ISO Class 4 sterility and protection
for research animals.
The AllerGard 620 is offered in 3 sizes and 2 distinct configurations. As a singled sided unit the NU-620 protects
personnel by containing allergens shed by animals and bedding materials through an air barrier of 75 fpm (0.38 m/s)
at the front of the cabinet and offers animal protection through uniform down flow air at 60 fpm (0.30 m/s) minimizing cross
contamination. As a dual sided cabinet the NU-620 maximizes usable space allowing access to the work zone from either side
of the cabinet.
Dual Access Configuration
As a dual sided cabinet the AllerGard NU-620-x00 highlights
ergonomic and work flow features designed into the cabinet.
The mobile design allows multiple technicians to use the
cabinet at the same time, or allows for easy access when
moving the cabinet through cage aisles.
Double-Sided Unit
Single-Sided Unit
Single Access Configuration
The rear of the cabinet is enclosed using a clear polycarbonate
wall. [A] Side windows are lowered to maximize containment
and product protection. [B] The work surface features
perforated vacuum slots around the outer edges and back of
the unit increases the airflow volume through the front work
access opening. The work surface design along with a powerful
exhaust motor allows 75 fpm (0.38 m/s) to move through the
front access for improved product protection. Uniform down
flow air flushes the work area and 60 fpm (0.30 m/s) and is
pulled through the vacuum slots minimizing contamination
maintaining animal sterility.
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