Ergonomic features that improve productivity while offering
personnel exceptional comfort and convenience through many
unique design features:
Cage Deep Wells lower the height of stacked cages making
them more accessible to technicians.
Electric auto-lift to adjust work surface height
[12” (305 mm) range] at the touch of a button.
Large 14” [356 mm] access opening height on all sides of
the workstation.
Zero heat build up in the work area. Over 25 air changes
per minute in the work area.
Proper cool white lighting from the top of the workstation
improves visibility creating less eye strain.
Easy-to-clean stainless steel plenum with waste
disposal chute.
A Large 14" (356 mm) Access Opening
makes it easy to add and remove the
largest cages while providing your
arms an extended range of motion.
A Spacious Work Zone offers more
room to work with cages and allows for
the additional placement of work flow
items such as feed, water bottles, and
Model NU-620 provides the ability
to Sit or Stand at a Range of Heights
through an automatic lift system
offering 12-inches (305 mm) adjustable
A large 12 inch (305 mm) slanted view
screen provides an unrestricted view of
the work zone allowing the technician to
adequately and safely do their job.
Ergonomic Design
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