Bottle Rack
Cage Top Holder Hand Sanitizer
Red Light
Magnifying Glass
Folding Shelf
Feed Hopper Base Stand Shelf
Popular Built-in Options & Accessories
Each vivarium is unique, and work flow processes can differ. Set your laboratory up for success by designing your own NuAire
Animal Transfer Station. It can be as simple as adding a shelf or as involved as customizing the height of the work zone.
NuAire can do it all. Invest in a product that lasts and is designed for your needs.
Design Your Very Own
Prop Up Work Surface Ultraviolet (UV) Light Cord Pass-thru (NSF) LED Lighting (Replaces
Florescent Lighting)
Duplex and/or GFI Outlets IV Bar and SST Hooks
Motorized Base Stand
Service Valves/Couplings
[Gas, Air, Vac]
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