Construction Options
Exhausting & Transitions
Fixed Exhaust
Canopy Transition
Round Transition Duct
8 - 10 in [204 - 254 mm]
Flex Duct
6 - 12 in [152 - 305 mm]
Silicone Sleeve
Connection Kit
Manual / Automatic
Butterfly Valves
Variable Flow Canopy (VFC)
Exhaust Transition w/ Alarm
Ultraviolet (UV) Light
Service Valves/Couplings Pre-piped Plumbing
Side-Mounted Shelf
Duplex/GFCI Outlets
Cord Pass-thru
(NSF Approved)
Interior LED Lighting
(Replaces Fluorescent Lighting)
Animal Feed Hopper
Stainless Steel Viewing
Window Edge Protector
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