A custom model NU-240 was designed to offer a broader and taller work zone to accommodate a single workflow
process involving microscopes. A customized isolation table was added to eliminate vibration in the work surface.
The extended work surface allows a technician to perform several protocols without having to leave the work zone.
Engineered to Your Lab’s Specific Needs
In every NuAire product you’ll find brilliant yet practical
design with keen attention to detail in every phase of the
fabrication and assembly process; you’ll always receive
thoroughly tested equipment at outstanding value, and
with dependable customer service guaranteed. These are
the fundamentals for NuAire’s international reputation
and the reasoning behind our universal recognition as the
world’s finest. Despite our engineers’ finely honed genius,
your lab may require something that has never been done
before. Luckily, our custom sales department has nearly
half a century’s worth of experience in crafting all sorts of
new and innovative lab equipment to meet your specific
needs. We routinely reshape our cabinet’s inner and outer
dimensions to neatly fit within any space inside your lab.
We often add computer arms, monitors, and microscope
windows into our standard cabinets, as well. Another
common customization involves installing an IV bar and
smooth interiors for efficient and ergonomic pharmacy
compounding. Regardless of what type of modification
your lab and research may require, NuAire is capable of
meeting any esoteric laboratory need and provide you
with excellent troubleshooting support for years to come,
ensuring your custom equipment continues to perform at
peak levels for the entirety of its lifespan.
If your lab requires a unique solution, give us a call; we love a challenge.
This LabGard BSC was fitted with
a microscope viewing window to
accommodate workflow specializ-
ing in human cell tissue research.
This Class I BSC was created at a
nominal width of 8’ [2.4 m], with
clear polypropylene sidewalls,
and a custom mounted IV bar.
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