(Containment Ventilated Enclosure)
The LabGard® ES (Energy Saver) NU-813 is a Class I Bio-
safety Cabinet (BSC), which also serves as a Containment
Ventilated Enclosure (CVE), which offers personnel pro-
tection for the safe handling of hazardous, non-sterile pow-
ders and low-risk aerosols or particulate matter. The NU-813
creates an air barrier at the front access opening by pulling
ambient air past the operator and through the work zone.
The Class I cabinet is ideal for non-sterile drug compounding
and disposal within a Containment Segregated Compounding
Area (C-SCA) and/or animal necropsy research.
Equipped with a single or (optional) redundant HEPA
filtration system, the air flows through the cabinet then
exits through the filter(s), which removes any contam-
inants that could put personnel at risk. This cabinet is
equipped with the AeroMaxTM electronic control system
for easy operation. The NU-813 also comes standard
with our ultra-high-efficiency ECM motor, which can
help reduce energy consumption and lower your lab’s
overhead expenses.
The Bag-In-Bag-Out HEPA filter feature
is a simplified way to remove your BSC’s
exhaust HEPA filter(s), limiting the risk
of exposing technicians or lab personnel
to potentially harmful contaminants.
HEPA Filtered Air
Contaminated Room Air
Optional side-
mounted stain-
less steel shelf.
base stand
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