NU-540 NU-543 NU-545
NU-125 NU-610
(70% Recirculated / 30% Exhausted)
Research/Pharmacy Compounding/Pharmaceutical
Laboratory Automation & Pass-throughCytotoxins
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) Classifies All Biosafety Cabinets into Three (3)
Classes. Class I biosafety cabinets rely on a minimum
inward airflow velocity of 75 fpm [0.38 m/s] to provide
personnel and environmental protection. Class II BSCs
provide product, personnel, and environmental protec-
tion by combining unidirectional downward airflow with
inward airflow taken from the room to create a dynamic
air barrier. Within Class II, several different types exist,
distinguished by inward airflow velocity and how much
air from the work zone is exhausted or recirculated.
Class III, usually installed in maximum containment lab-
oratories, is specifically designed for Biosafety Level 4
(BSL-4) pathogen protection and maintains a physical
barrier between lab personnel and their products.
What Class and Type You Need Will Ultimately Depend
on the Type of Work You Plan on Conducting Inside
Your BSC. Roughly 90% of all biological safety cabinets
installed globally are Class II Type A2, however, there
are several fundamental design differences within the
A2 types depending on their intended industries. The
amount of features and options can seem daunting to
most, but many of NuAire’s cabinet models are outlined
below based on common industry standards. We also
employ some of the most well-trained sales and cus-
tomer service representatives in the industry that can
assist you in proper product selection based off your
laboratory's biosafety level, certified chemical risk as-
sessment, and/or specific field of work.*
*NuAire and its employees cannot perform risk assessments
Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets Offer the Greatest Degree
of Versatility Among All Types When Working within Biosafety
Levels 1-3. Type A2s recirculate 70% of the air passing through
the work zone. The HEPA filtered air can be optionally exhausted
through your facility’s HVAC system or back into your laboratory.
All BSCs must be fully exhausted when working with volatile or
flammable chemicals to avoid any potential safety hazards.
All NuAire Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinets maintain a constant
laminar down-flow air velocity of at least 60 fpm [0.30 m/s] and
an inflow speed of 100 fpm [0.53 m/s] at the front of the cabinet
in order to maintain the dynamic air barrier.
NU-677 NU-640 NU-581
Animal Handling Station
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