Running a ULT on too low of voltage can create
problems. “If no voltage booster is installed when
needed, the low voltage can cause a compressor to
run hot,” Richardson explains. “That can shorten the
life of the compressor.”
To take advantage of a ULT’s potential, samples
must also be placed appropriately inside. “We have
found a large number of laboratories use the racks
they have, which do not appropriately t the freez-
er resulting in lost storage space,” Richardson notes.
“Spend the money on the right shelves to fully utilize
the freezer.”
Preventive maintenance extends life
Proper use also includes preventive maintenance,
such as removing frost or ice that builds up inside
a ULT. “If they do not remove snow and ice build-up,
eventually a tear in the gasketing will form on the
inner and, if not dealt with immediately, the outer
door,” Richardson says. “In the worst case scenario
the outer door will freeze shut eliminating access
to your samples.” The condenser lter should also
be cleaned annually. In addition, the door gaskets
should be kept clean.
This article explores the top things to do and what
to avoid when it comes to the proper use of a ULT.
Even before ordering a ULT, a lab manager should
know its placement in the lab and provide the nec-
essary power outlets and appropriate environmen-
tal conditioning. Once the ULT is installed, Richard-
son’s idea of a checklist still comes into play. It can,
for example, remind users in a lab to not put warm
samples in a ULT. This list can also include aspects
of preventive maintenance.
Overall, the real key is keeping in mind a ULT’s de-
signed task—maintaining samples at a really low
temperature for a long time. That’s a ULT’s job, and
using it right extends its life.
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