Users who need quality control to validate
their product or maintain histories such as in
the pharma industry, use higher end freezers.
Higher end freezers will provide better
refrigeration and automated data logging
options that track the operations, events,
temperatures, and alarms.
Maintenance often depends on
lab cleanliness
According to the EERE, dust-free freezers use
less energy than dusty freezers at the same
temperature. ULT freezers require a lot of
ventilation. Dust or grime on the lters blocks
air ow and reduces the ability to dissipate heat.
Dirt on the condenser increases the amount of
energy the compressor needs. Keeping the dust
to a minimum and ensuring it doesn’t get into
the freezer will prolong the freezer’s life.
It is important that condenser lters are
checked, cleaned, washed, or replaced, and
that coils are cleaned with a vacuum, brush, or
wet towel. Condenser lters are reusable and
don’t need to be changed. Those with front
access are easier and faster to maintain since
no tools are needed. But, if front access isn’t
available, virtually all freezers come on wheels
that lock so they can be moved to clean.
If a freezer was located in a temperature-
controlled clean room, maintenance needs
would be minimal. But, many are located
near windows, open doorways, or high trac
areas. In addition, some laboratories do not
perform the recommended maintenance
frequently enough. This includes cleaning the
lters and condenser fan, as well as removing
frost at least every three months.
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