Quality - Nothing is Built like a NuAire
Monolithic Design. At core of any biosafety cabinet is its basic structure. NuAire has over 100,000 biosafety cabinets in the
field; some of which have been running strong since the 1970’s.
The NuAire design is a pressure tight, single piece of type 304 stainless steel. A stainless steel wrap [A] makes up the walls of
the cabinet. Stainless steel sheets [B] are seam welded in place to make up the top and bottom of the cabinet. A smaller wrap
[C] featuring coved interior corners is seam welded in place to make up the back and side walls of the cabinet. This improves
the cabinet integrity by creating a double sidewall. Work tray supports [D] help minimize the vibration transfer from the shell
of the cabinet to the work zone.
The end result is a pressure tight monolithic shell of 100% stainless steel [E] without the use of silicone like many multi-piece
cabinets. This provides you with a solid foundation for longer product life eliminating potential leaks.
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