0.5” (12.7 mm)
0.25” (6.35 mm)
6” (152 mm)
Ergonomic Design
NuAire designs equipment for you that provides improved
safety conditions; improved productivity; improved quality
and reliability; and reduction of arm, shoulder, and neck strain
which can contribute to common work place injuries.
A recessed airfoil grill [A] allows users to use the ergonomic
armrest without blocking airflow compromising safety.
A recessed work tray [B] provides users greater flexibility
when working with bottles or pipettes. A shorter reach into the
work zone allows users to bring work closer without sacrificing
safety. These are just some of the user focused ergonomic
designs NuAire® incorporates into all our laboratory products.
• ADA Compliant
• More Usable Work Area
• Shorter Reach Into Work Zone
• Recessed Air Foil
• Recessed Work Zone
More Knee Room
Ability to Sit or Stand at a Range of Heights
21” (533 mm) Frame-less Edge Window
Sash Improves Vision/Sight Lines
Into Work Zone
Staggered Service Valves
Accessories: Elbow rests,
Armrest Foam Pads, Ergo chair,
Adjustable Base Stand,
Stainless Steel Turntable
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