Delivering product to the customer that is cost effective, exceeds their requirements, delivers product
on-time, and increases productivity and profitability.
In every NuAire product you’ll find brilliant but practical design, keen attention to detail in every phase of the fabrication
and assembly process, thoroughly tested, outstanding value, and dependable service. These are the foundation for NuAire’s
international reputation, and practical reasons why NuAire is universally recognized as the finest. NuAire’s Quality Policy to
Satisfy Customers, Comply with Quality System Requirements and Continually Improve.
Sales and Service Like No Other NuAire employs a network
of knowledgeable sales and service individuals some of which
have been selling and servicing NuAire Laboratory Products
since our inception in 1971.
Working Safely Video Series. Learn how to work safely in
your NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet with this 7 Chapter
online video series.
Our Sales Representatives are located throughout the
globe providing you with a local individual who can assist
product selection, pricing, installation, training, and service
throughout the life of your product. Once you buy a NuAire
you’re a part of our family and we’ll work hard to satisfy
your needs.
NuAire offers service-training classes and individualize
assistance to service professionals in the laboratory
community. These NuAire certified companies are located
throughout the world allowing NuAire to provide service
and assistance to the farthest corners of the earth. Have
the option to select from multiple service vendors in your
area to find a company that fits your needs.
Contracts, GPO’s and many more! NuAire has a variety of
Contracts set up through Group Purchasing Organizations,
Government Associations, Health Systems, Universities
and many more.
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
Welcome to the NuAire Family
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