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Part 2 - Products
2.01 Polypropylene Fume Hoods
A. Manufacturer:
1. The design of polypropylene fume hoods is based on products manufactured by NuAire, Inc. All
fume hoods shall be the product of one manufacturer.
Each fume hood shall have a completely welded shell assembly (case), which shall be rigid and
self-supporting, requiring little or no assembly.
2. Products of other polypropylene fume hood manufacturers may be used as an approved equal,
providing they meet the product characteristics specified herein.
3. For manufacturers and/or suppliers not listed, submittal for approval must be received by the
Architect 10 calendar days prior to bid. No exceptions.
B. General Design Requirements:
1. Fume hoods required under this specification will be referenced as: General Purpose, Variable
Air Volume Fume Hood (FH), Type GP General Purpose.
2. Fume Hood Configurations: Provide in sizes and configurations with fume hood bases as shown
on the drawings.
C. Performance Requirements
1. All cabinets of size and type as indicated on the hood schedule shall be a bench style single pass
flow-through design in which all work access inflow air, is drawn through the cabinet's internal
exhaust plenums to a single exit point at the top.
2. For purposes of defining a performance point, the average inflow velocity through the work
access opening shall be 105 LFPM with an 18-inch nominal sash opening. Working sash heights
shall vary between 8 and 18-ihes ithout a loss of the persoel protetio fator. The
maximum travel of the sash shall be from fully closed to 18-inches open. [Sash heights up to 28-
inches may be specified].
3. The exhaust volumes and negative static pressures required per cabinet size shall not exceed
the following based on an average inflow velocity of 105 FPM with a sash opening of 18-inches.
4-foot cabinet - 481 CFM (818 CMH) @ 0.8.g. (20mm)
5-foot cabinet - 631 CFM (1073 CMH) @ 0.8.g. (20mm)
6-foot cabinet - 781 CFM (1328 CMH) @ 0.8.g. (20mm)
8-foot cabinet - 1081 CFM(1838 CMH) @ 1.5.g. (38mm)
4. Air shall be drawn into the work zone by an external exhaust blower located remotely from the
hood. The airflow into the hood face shall be smooth with no reverse flow or refluxing along the
aiet’s sides, forig the air arrier that reates the persoel protetio fator.
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