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1.05 Submittals
A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's data for each item of fume hood being furnished. Include
component dimensions, configurations, and construction details. Indicate location, size and service
requirement for each utility connection. See Specification Division 1 for additional general
B. Shop Drawings: Provide scalable drawing(s) of each hood, illustrating front, side, and top views.
Drawings shall include all options, special features, component dimensions, construction details, and
tolerances. Particular attention shall be given to installation interfaces as required by other trades
(plumbing fixtures, exhaust connections, electrical requirements, etc.). Drawings shall be available on
electronic format for viewing.
C. Submit 3-inch by 3-inch samples of all construction materials where required, including hinges, door
pulls, fastening devices, etc.
D. Submit detailed seismic anchorage and attachment drawings and calculations complying with all
Uniform Building Code requirements and regulations for seismic restraint (where applicable).
E. Certifications: Submit certification stating that items in this section are installed per applicable
referenced codes, standards, specifications and are complete and ready for intended function. Copies
of all hood certification test reports shall be included.
F. Operations and Maintenance Manuals: Submit complete operating and maintenance manuals for each
type of hood and size that describe proper operating procedures, maintenance and replacement
schedules, components parts list, and nearest local factory representative for components and
emergency repairs.
1.06 Quality Assurance
A. Single Source Responsibility: Fume Hoods and accessories included in this section shall be manufactured
or furnished by the same manufacturer or laboratory furniture supplier for single responsibility.
B. The supplier for work in this section shall use manufacturers with production facilities including all tools,
equipment and special machinery necessary for specializing in the fabrication and installation of the
type of fume hoods specified, with skilled personnel, factory trained workmen, and an experienced
engineering department. Each shall have the demonstrated knowledge, ability, and the proven
capability to complete an installation of the size and type within the required time limits:
1. Ten years or more experience in the manufacture of polypropylene fume hoods.
2. Ten installations of equal or larger size and requirements within the last five years.
C. Factory Testing: Prior to delivery to the job site, every hood shall be tested to manufacturer's
specifications for performance and safety and a copy of the "Inspection Report" report shall accompany
each hood. One representative sample hood of each type shall have been tested according to the test
procedures outlined below to verify that subsequent production models meet the "Personnel Protection
Factor" criteria. The test facility (emulating actual operating conditions), samples, apparatus and
instruments to be supplied by the manufacturer.
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