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Construction Industry
Master Format
Polypropylene Conventional
(Restricted Bypass) Fume Hoods
NuAire Model NU-162 Series
Part 1 - General
1.01 Description of Work
All benchtop polypropylene conventional restricted bypass fume hoods shall be furnished, installed, and
demonstrated to properly perform in accordance with the specifications set forth herein.
1.02 Products Included
A. Fume Hood Type GP
Complete one-piece benchtop polypropylene (NO metal) conventional (restricted bypass) fume hood
with adjustable window.
B. Fume Hood Base
Matching acid storage or standard fume hood base to accommodate the width, depth, plumbing chase
depth, and specified work surface height.
1.03 Related Sections
A. Division 9: Metal Backing in Walls Seismic Restraints
B. Division 11: Equipment (11600)
C. Division 12: Furnishings (12350)
D. Division 15: Mechanical (15200, 15800, 15900)
E. Division 16: Electrical
1.04 Delivery, Storage, and Handling
A. Do not deliver or install equipment until the following conditions have been met:
1. Windows and doors are installed and the building is secure and weather tight. The space should
be heated to at least 40°F.
2. Ceiling, overhead ductwork, and lighting are installed.
3. All painting is completed and floor finish is installed.
4. Polypropylene fume hoods and related materials require the interior building temperature not
to exceed 90°F to avoid undue structural fatigue and damage.
B. Protect finished surfaces from soiling or damage during handling and installation. The equipment comes
with a protective film that should be left in place while handling, and then removed ONLY where pieces
are mated during installation.
C. When ambient temperatures are below -20°F, careful handling is required to prevent polypropylene
from cracking at the seams.
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