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11. The rear exhaust duct (area behind the rear baffle) shall be formed, as an integral extension of
the workspace sidewall structure, from ½-inch material. A support structure for the removable
vertical suction slotted baffle shall be welded 4-inches from the rear wall around the periphery
of the workspace, forming the exhaust plenum. The slotted baffle shall be removable,
constructed from ¼-inch material and be fastened to the support structure by ¼ x 20 x ½-inch
polypropylene flat-head screws on 6-inch centers. For cabinets specified to have washdowns,
the suctions slots shall be designed to prevent the egress of water into the workspace while
operating and the baffle shall be gasketed with a ¼-inch wide inset EPDM gasket around the
periphery. Extending from the top of the vertical baffle shall be a short permanently welded
baffle that is slanted forward to cover the exhaust exit.
12. Vent pipes shall be installed through the hood bottom to the rear exhaust duct internally within
the dead air space under the work surface. The vent pipes shall be 1½-inches in diameter and
constructed from polypropylene. There shall be one vent pipe for each base cabinet door.
Where washdowns are specified, the vent pipes shall be extended 12-inches above the floor and
bent 180 degrees down to prevent the egress of washdown water.
13. Closure panels, where specified, shall be constructed from ¼-inch polypropylene and shall
enclose the top of the cabinet to the ceiling and/or the plumbing chase to the wall in the rear.
For ceiling enclosures, the side panels shall fasten to the top of cabinet and the rear wall. The
front panel shall fasten only to the side panels, easily removable to provide access to the top for
maintenance purposes.
14. All internal electrical wiring shall be, as much as possible, enclosed in flexible, UL Listed or
Recognized, non-metal corrosive-resistant, liquid-tight conduit with UL Listed fittings. All
internal junction boxes and enclosures shall be constructed from polypropylene PVC and shall
be liquid-tight construction and gasketed where required. All exposed controls and visual
indicators shall be constructed from non-metal corrosive-resistant materials or protected by
non-metal, gas-tight enclosures with a clear viewing lens, where required.
15. Supply mains to the cabinet shall be connected to a UL Listed junction box of suitable size to
accommodate required circuits as indicated on the hood schedule. The junction box shall be
non-metallic and require non-metallic liquid-tight connections.
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