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5. Where specified in junction with duct washdowns, a drain trough shall be installed all along the
back edge of the work surface at the rear baffle. The drain trough shall start 2-inches away from
the rear baffle and drop down 2-inches the entire width of the work surface, to the baffle. The
trough shall drain into the rear plenum via a series of ¼-inch drain holes spaced every 6-inches.
6. “iks of size per the hood shedule ad/or up siks oial 6 y 3 shall be flush with the
work surface and be complete with strainer, tail piece and p-trap, plumbed to the rear of the
hood base. Sinks and accessories shall be constructed from ¼-inch polypropylene unless
otherwise specified and shall have a slanted bottom to the drain. Cold/hot/DI water goosenecks
where scheduled shall be positioned so that they discharge into the sink(s).
7. Service for flammable gas shall be installed per local codes using approved piping methods.
Where metallic (black pipe) is required, the pipe shall be epoxy coated, including the remote
valve and all internal piping. Any external color-coded handles/rods shall be coated with a clear
corrosive resistant 2-mil coat.
8. Electrical services shall be three wire grounding type receptacles rated for 120 volt or 230 volt
supply per the schedule. Outlets shall be provided on the hood post where noted. Each outlet shall
have a non-metallic, corrosive resistant, vapor-tight gasketed cover capable of being sealed in place
with a gasketed thumbscrew and shall have removable inserts of plastic to seal outlet contacts when
not in use. Receptacles shall conform to NEMA standards.
Part 3 - Execution
3.1 Installation
A. Fume Hood Base Installation:
Temporarily set fume hood bases plumb, square, and straight with no distortion using the leg levelers
adjustable from with the hood base. Use polypropylene shims as required for added support. Note:
ases a e taked i plae ia ails through the toe kick backer.
B. Fume Hood Installation:
Set fume hood on base cabinet and using base cabinet leg levelers plumb, square and straight with no
distortion. Fasten fume hood to bases from inside the base cabinet, through perimeter base cabinet
strips, using TFE coated screws, recessed and plugged. Once the work surface is level and true, the bases
shall be fastened to the floor via a treated wood backer installed behind the toe kick. Adjust
levelers/shims. All screws shall be TFE coated, recessed and covered with a polypropylene plug.
C. Accessory Installation:
Install sinks, cup sinks, exhaust transitions and other custom accessories in accordance with
manufacturer's recommendations.
3.2 Adjusting
A. Repair or remove and replace defective work, as directed by Owner's Representative, upon completion
of installation.
B. Adjust doors, sash, hardware, fixtures and other moving or operating parts to function smoothly.
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