SZ Series
Kubota Comfort and Productivity
Kubota Stand-On Mowers are some of the fastest machines in their class, while
delivering superior comfort and durability. The mower deck delivers superior mowing
performance that professionals demand. You’ll be able to get more done in even the
tightest spaces.
These Stand-On Mowers are designed to offer a smooth and easy ride, all while
delivering high-end operational power and maneuverability. The SZ Series stand-on
mowers feature the following:
All models are powered by Kawasaki commercial-grade engines, including an EFI option.
Adjustable reference bar and dampers give the operator a personalized experience.
Toolless adjustable tracking keeps you driving straight.
Kubota Stand-On Mowers provide exceptional transport speed, allowing maximum speeds
of up to 11 mph.
The fuel tank is housed inside the control tower, protecting the fuel tank and allowing for a
lower center-of-gravity design.
Wide and angled operator platform offers ample foot space, as well as the option of flipping
up the platform to easily walk behind.
Easy access to maintenance points reduces downtime.
Mow confidently with a 2-year warranty.
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