High-back suspension seat
The U17’s deluxe high-back seat increases productivity by
providing optimum comfort for operators of all sizes.
2-speed travel switch
By placing the 2-speed travel
switch on the dozer lever, dozing
operations have become faster
and easier. The new location also
frees up space on the floor for
improved operator comfort.
Wrist rests
Adjustable wrist rests help reduce arm movement and
increase operator comfort for greater work efficiency.
Two-pattern Selection System (TPSS)
A quick flip of a lever
lets you switch operating
patterns from ISO to SAE
or vice versa.
Boom cylinder
Located above the boom, the boom cylinder
remains safe from damage during breaker or
dumping operations. The cylinder design features
a larger diameter rod and increased hydraulic
pressure for greater lifting power and optimum
front attachment speeds.
Smooth operation
Smooth operation across a wide range of jobs
is assured, thanks to the U17’s advanced
variable displacement pumps and Hydraulic
Matching System.
Auxiliary hydraulic system
The U17’s auxiliary hydraulic system
accommodates a variety of attachments, such
as breakers and augers. Standard equipment
includes port pipes on the arm, bi-directional
auxiliary hydraulic controls, and a control valve.
The auxiliary hydraulic connections are located
within easy reach and incorporate short hoses that
are less likely to become tangled or damaged.
Level ) canopy
The ROPS and the OPG (TOP
Guard, Level
) canopy meet
the applicable ISO, SAE and
OSHA standards, providing
complete protection from
accidental rollovers and falling
objects, and ensuring an extra
level of safety and security on
the job.
12V electric power socket
Wider foot area
More spacious than many conventional tail-swing
excavators, the U17’s wider foot area enhances
operator comfort. The result is less operator fatigue
and greater job efficiency.
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