Strong bucket breakout force
The U17 has the power you need for heavy loads and
tough excavating jobs, a breakout force of 3,417.2 lbs,
with the dedicated bucket and quick coupler.
Strong lifting capacity
Excellent lifting capacity for digging, lifting, and
loading is provided by a powerful and responsive front
working group. Even when working to the side, using
hydraulic attachments, or lifting heavy objects, the U17
has excellent stability, thanks to its innovative counter
balancing technology, long tumbler distance, low center
of gravity and smooth operation.
Working range
The U17’s excellent reach and digging
depth ensure that each digging job is
performed with maximum efficiency
and speed.
Improved travel motor
Kubota has upgraded the U17’s travel motor, resulting in
a 10% traction increase, when operating in low speed.
Swing bracket pin bushings
For increased durability and longer
life, Kubota has included bushings
throughout the U17’s pivot points on
the swing bracket.
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