Designed to keep you comfortable and
productive until the job is done
Suspension Seat Adjustment Button
New suspension seat
(ZD1000 and ZD1200 models only)
A more comfortable seat means less
operator fatigue and greater productivity.
With dual adjustable armrests, higher
backrest, and lumbar support, the ZD Series’
fully padded and reclining bucket seat
ensures a high level of comfort. The seat can
be adjusted up and as well as forward and
backward to let operators of all body types
find the perfect position that will keep you
comfortable and productive all day long.
New, thicker platform mat
Thicker and more durable, the redesigned
platform mat also helps reduce noise and
vibration for more comfort during mowing. The
mat’s grip pattern was designed to make getting
on and off the mower easier.
New and bigger storage
box and
cup holder
Store personal
items as well as
two beverage
cups in the handy
storage box and
cup holder beside
the seat.
New foldable ROPS*
The new ROPS is now compliant
with not only OSHA standards, but
also ISO standards. The ROPS
conveniently folds for easier storage
and transportation of the mower.
Air-ride suspension seat (ZD1500 model only)
The ZD1500 takes comfort to the
next level with a new bucket seat. It
features air-suspension that can be
adjusted with the touch of a button
for supremely soft support and gentle
comfort that lasts until the job is done.
Maintenance lift
Routine maintenance underneath the mower is quick
and simple, thanks to Kubota’s innovative two-pin, tilt-up
maintenance lift. A simple operation raises the front of the ZD
Series even with the mower deck still attached. (Standard on the
ZD1500 and ZD1200, available as an option on the ZD1000.)
Easy mower and engine access
The ZD Series is designed to keep you on the job longer between
maintenance stops. When maintenance is needed, however, you can
be assured of quick and easy
maintenance of all the critical parts
and functions. The engine hood
protects the engine, yet is simple
to open and offers easy access to
the engine for maintenance tasks.
A special maintenance hatch
under the platform mat provides
fast access to top of the mower
deck, mower belt, gearbox case,
universal joint and fuel filters.
* The ROPS complies with Occupational Safety and Health act (OSHA) 1928.52,
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 21299.
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