Kubota diesel engines and
durable transmission
With over 25 million engines produced since 1922, Kubota engines are
recognized around the world for their proven quality and reliability. Powerful yet
clean and quiet, the ZD Series’ rugged diesel engines give you unparalleled
performance, productivity, and economy. The ZD Series’ dependable engines let
you power through tough mowing jobs with ease and efficiency. These technically
advanced engines are also environmentally friendly, thanks to excellent fuel
economy, enhanced combustion
efficiency, and low vibration and noise
levels. These engines are paired with
Kubota’s original hydrostatic transmission
that offers faster, smoother response
under all loading conditions. Except for an
occasional fluid change, the hermetically-
sealed structure requires no maintenance
and has no belts to change.
Engineered for superior cutting
performance and outstanding operability.
New large and bright LCD panel
(ZD1200 and ZD1500 models only)
The large LCD meter—the biggest in its class—shows all of the key
indicators you need to maximize cutting performance and operability,
including engine oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel
level, and voltmeter. A new hour
meter lets the operator know
when maintenance or service is
*The ZD1500 also includes an engine RPM gauge and
DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) muffler indicator and its
associated control buttons. With a single glance, you know
exactly how your ZD mower is performing and when it
needs servicing.
New ergonomically designed control layout
For faster operation and better ergonomics, all of
the mower deck controls are grouped on the right
side within easy reach your right hand, letting you
quickly and easily adjust the cutting height. A two-
tone cutting height adjustment dial is easier to see
and simplifies the setting of the cutting height.
New low profile tires
Low-profile rear tires further improve the ZD
Series’ stability and traction on turf. Their
wide tread helps protect the turf from damage
during mowing.
Outstanding stability
The ZD Series’ feature a low center of gravity to
help improve the weight/balance and provides
stablity on slopes and uneven ground. When
combined with the ZD Series’ long wheelbase
wide, large-diameter rear tires, and fuel tanks
mounted above the tires and below the seat,
the result is outstanding stability on a variety of
New HST levers
Redesigned HST levers not only provide more legroom, but also more settings to
choose from, ensuring smoother operation, better zero-turn maneuverability, and
greater job efficiency.
New damper force adjustment
Available on several Kubota mowers, this 3-position
lever lets you adjust the damper force to the optimum
level for your personal comfort.
Hands-free parking brake
Conveniently located on the platform, the
parking brake can be easily engaged and
released by pressing it with either foot while
keeping both hands on the HST levers.
Hydraulic deck lift
A 2-pedal hydraulic deck lift system keeps
you mowing in spite of obstacles by letting
you easily raise and lower the deck with
your foot.
Selectable front axle
Choose from two front-axle setups to
optimize mowing comfort and performance:
oscillating for
a smooth ride,
or rigid for an
even cut while
mowing on
rough terrain.
Shaft drive mower
Without drive belts, the
drive shaft smoothly
transfers power from the
engine to the deck. Shaft
drive also requires less
maintenance and provides
greater dependability.
*ZD1500 complies with Tier 4 regulations.
Kubota Original Transmission
Front axle: It is tilted
to match the slope or
uneven ground
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