Mowing deck with smoother airflow and more
powerful rotation
Improved fuel efficiency*
The ZD Series does more on less fuel, thanks to the ACS Kubota
PRO deck’s more efficient cutting performance and better fuel/
horsepower balance—up to 22% better.
ACS (Aerodynamic Cutting System )
Improved work efficiency*
The improved airflow ensures better cutting efficiency.
That means you can get the job done faster and with
better work performance—up to 27% better.
Kubota PRO deck New clean-cut blades
The redesigned cutting blades have a new
shape that improves both cutting efficiency
and overall load balance, which creates a better
airflow inside the deck and ensures cleaner
cutting performance. These new blades also
provide a longer service life so you won’t need
to replace them as often.
New spindle shaft
New larger durable spindle shaft
creates a better airflow inside the deck.
New flexible discharge chute
Manufactured from a flexible yet stronger
material, the discharge chute has been
redesigned to ensure a smoother and more
uniform discharge of clippings.
* Kubota in-house test result.
Improved air flow
The airflow inside the deck has been optimized for
faster, more efficient cutting and discharge
by preventing clippings from clumping,
sticking to the walls of the deck, and
recirculating to be cut again. The improved
airflow also results in reduced power
consumption, increased work and fuel
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