B. Flame Effects
 button on the remote.
C. Heat ON/OFF
Turns the heater On and Off.
 button on the remote or the
 Indicated by the icon and the setpoint temperature will
temperature will be
displayed before turning off.
! NOTE: After the heater is switched off, there is a 2
minute fan delay, where the fan will continue running before
turning off.
! NOTE: The unit can be operated in Heat Only Mode.
When the unit is only running with the heater, the icon
will continuously be displayed on the Display.
! NOTE: The heater may emit a slight, harmless odor
by initial heating of internal heater parts and will not occur
D Temperature Down
Decreases the temperature setting.
ton on the remote.*
 Indicated by setpoint temperature on the Display de-
creasing and the speed of the fan decreasing to reduce
the amount of heat being projected into the room.**
E. Temperature Up
Increases the temperature setting.
ton on the remote.*
 Indicated by the setpoint on the Display increasing and
the speed of the fan increasing to increase the amount of
heat being projected into the room.
ature set point will be displayed for 2 seconds.
** The temperature can be adjusted from 5 °C to 37 °C (41
! NOTE: Holding the and the buttons down for
two seconds, on the unit, will change the temperature scale
F. Eco Operation
Runs the heater in a reduced wattage range when acti-
remote when the heater is on.
 Indicated by the Display and a reduced fan speed.
G. Heat Boost
Turns the Heater Boost On and Off. Runs the unit at the full
rated wattage.
Figure 1
General Operation
WARNING: This electric firebox must be properly in-
stalled before it is used.
This firebox operates with Comfort$averTM technology,
which automatically adjusts the fan speed and heater watt-
age to safely and precisely match the requirements of the
room based on the thermostat setting. The heater operates
such that once the room reaches the set point, the fan and
heater will continuously run at a low level, to maintain the
desired room temperature. If the temperature in the room
rises significantly, i.e. sun coming through a window or a
central furnace turns on, the heater will turn off and periodi-
cally turn back on to circulate the air around the unit, until
the room temperature drops and requires the heater to be
constantly on again.
! NOTE: The unit is designed so that the fan will run con-
tinuously while the heater is on.
! NOTE: The element retains heat after shutdown, there is
a built in cool down period of 2 minute before the fan shuts
off completely, when the heat function is turned Off.
Remote Operation
! NOTE: To operate correctly, the remote control must be
pointed towards the front of the unit.
The unit can be controlled by either the manual controls
A. Standby
Turns the unit On and Off.
or the unit.
 The unit will turn On with the same functions that it was
set to when it was turned Off and the intake temperature
will be indicated on the Display.
! NOTE: When any button is pressed on the unit the
intake temperature will be displayed on the Display for 7
Display G
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