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WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any
maintenance or cleaning to reduce the risk of electric
shock or damage to persons.
CAUTION: If unit was operating prior to servicing allow
at least 10 minutes for lights and heating elements to cool
off to avoid accidental burning of skin.
Tools required: Phillips head screwdriver.
Needle nosed pliers.
CAUTION: 
before proceeding.
1. Remove the 10 screws that secure the heater assem-
bly retaining bracket to the unit. Remove the bracket
and set aside.
2. Locate and remove the 4 screws that secure the as-
sembly to the unit.
CAUTION: When removing the blower assembly mount-
ing screws support the assembly to prevent any damage to
the unit.
3. Disconnect the wiring connections noting their original
! NOTE: -
tween the end of the connectors and the blower/fan to
release the wires.
4. Properly orient the new blower/fan assembly and con-
nect all of the wiring connections.
5. Reassemble in the reverse order as above.
Figure 9 Retaining
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