Comfort and maintenance
High-back Deluxe Suspension Seat (ZG327 Only)
When you’re mowing all day long, comfort is a necessity. And Kubota’s standard
deluxe link-type suspension seat takes comfort to a whole new level. The extra-
wide seat features adjustable armrests, lumbar support, weight adjustment, and
much more, to give the operator a custom fit.
Mower Access
The ZG-Series features a special maintenance hatch, with
a built-in storage pocket, on the full-flat operator platform.
It allows easy access to the upper mower, mower belt,
gearbox case and universal joint.
Cup Holder
Lumbar Support
Reclining Dial
Suspension Seat
Adjustment Lever
Full-Flat Operator
Adjustable Speed
Control Levers
Instrument Panel
With the user-friendly instrument panel,
Kubota keeps essential controls and
indicators close for easy access and
viewing. They’re all here—warning
indicator, fuel gauge and more.
Easy Maintenance
Maintenance doesn’t get any easier.
The seat panel lifts up for quick access
to the HST, the hood opens for routine
maintenance (adding oil, etc.), an
operator platform hatch makes upper
mower access a snap—and all three
can be opened at once. Plus, Kubota’s
optional tilt-up lift feature is also
available for routine maintenance
underneath the mower.
Engine Access
HST Access
Mower Access
Maintenance Lift (Optional)
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