Top to bottom, front to back, and inside and out, Kubota’s ZG-Series
of zero-turn mowers are engineered for quality. Built right here in the
United States, these premium mowers incorporate the best of
Kubota’s advanced technology in every detail and function to ensure
both superior mowing performance and supreme operator comfort.
No matter how you measure quality, the ZG-Series delivers.
Durable Kubota Gasoline
The V-Twin Kubota gasoline engine delivers durability and
productivity like nothing else. Available in 21.1HP or 26HP,
this reliable, air-cooled engine offers outstanding
performance and quiet operation. Specifically designed for
mowing, it features Kubota’s clean-flow structure, which
virtually eliminates the likelihood of grass clippings clogging
the wide cooling air passage. And Kubota makes
maintenance simple—the engine cover can be removed so
you can perform routine maintenance. Plus, a unique
carburetor drain cock allows you to drain out residual
gasoline, to keep fuel lines clean and making the
transportation or long-term storage of the mower safer.
Clean-flow Structure Carburetor Drain Cock*
*When in use, consult operator manual
and handle with care.
Removable Engine Cover
Kubota Quality
Kubota Reliable
Hydrostatic Transmission
The large-capacity HST brings performance to a new
level. Regulated by an efficient gear hydraulic charge
pump, the HST delivers smooth control, quiet
operation and a quick response. Plus, the durable
copper metal cylinder block ensures transmission
durability and performance.
ZG327 model
Replaceable, large suction
paper cartridge filter keeps the
transmission clean
Strong casting rear shaft
cover for durability
Extended rear axle case for added strength
Enclosed hydraulic control
valves for mower deck lifting
requires no external hoses
HST capacity:
High volume/low pressure for
long life
External, gear-hydraulic charge pump
keeps the pumps primed
Wet-type multi-disk brakes
tractor technology (on
parking brake) for added
Durable copper metal cylinder
face promotes smooth pump
Wet-type hydraulic PTO clutch;
tractor technology / durability
Final gear reduction for
improved efficiency and torque
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