HCD710A, HMD710A 3
Welcome to Follett
Follett equipment enjoys a well-deserved reputation for excellent performance, long-term reliability and outstanding
after-the-sale support. To ensure that this equipment delivers the same degree of service, we ask that you review
the installation manual (provided as a separate document) before beginning to install the unit. Our instructions are
designed to help you achieve a trouble-free installation. Should you have any questions or require technical help at
any time, please call our technical service group at (877) 612-5086 or +1 (610) 252-7301.
Before you begin
After uncrating and removing all packing material, inspect the equipment for concealed shipping damage. If
damage is found, notify the shipper immediately and contact Follett LLC so that we can help in the ling of a claim,
if necessary.
Check your paperwork to determine which model you have. Follett model numbers are designed to provide
information about the type and capacity of Follett equipment. Following is an explanation of the different model
numbers in the series.
Warranty does not cover exterior or outside installations.
Moving parts. Do not operate with front cover removed.
Hot parts. Do not operate with cover removed.
To reduce risk of shock, disconnect power before servicing.
Drain line must not be vented.
Water supply must have particle ltration.
Most ice machine cleaners contain citric or phosphoric acid, which can cause skin irritation. Read caution label
on product and follow instructions carefully.
Ice is slippery. Maintain counters and oors around dispenser in a clean and ice-free condition.
Ice is food. Follow recommended cleaning instructions to maintain cleanliness of delivered ice.
(RIDE remote
ice delivery
T Top-mount
425 up to
425 lbs
(193 kg)
710 up to
675 lbs
(306 kg)
1010 up to
1061 lbs
(482 kg)
1410 up to
1466 lbs
(665 kg)
1810 up to
1790 lbs
(812 kg)
2110 up to
2039 lbs
(925 kg)
V Vision™
H Harmony™
B Ice storage bin
J Drop-in
M Ice Manager
diverter valve
P Cornelius Profile
C 208-230/60/1 (icemaking head)
Self-contained only.
D 115/60/1 (icemaking head)
Self-contained and remote. If remote
unit, high side is 208-230/60/1.
E 230/50/1 (icemaking head)
Self-contained only.
F 115/60/1 (icemaking head)
Remote only. High side is
MC Maestro™
(425 Series)
HC Horizon
(710, 1010,
1410, 1810,
2110 Series)
HM Horizon
Micro Chewblet
HC 1810D SVA
A Air-cooled, self-contained
W Water-cooled, self-contained
R Air-cooled, remote condensing unit
N Air-cooled, no condensing unit for
connection to parallel rack system
Chewblet® Ice Machine Model Number Configurations
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