HCD710A, HMD710A 27
Evacuate the system to a level of 500 microns. When the 500 micron level is reached, close all valves. Allow the
system to sit for approximately 20 minutes. During this period the system pressure should not rise. If the system
pressure rises and stabilizes there is moisture in the system and further evacuation is needed. If the pressure
continues to rise check the system for leaks.
Ambients Minimum Maximum
Air temperature1 50 F/10 C 100 F/37.8 C
Water temperature2 45 F/7 C 90 F/32.2 C
1Ambient air temperature is measured at the air-cooled condenser coil inlet.
2Ambient water temperature is measured at the water feed valve inlet.
Ice capacity test
Ice machine production capacity can only be determined by weighing ice produced in a specic time period.
1. Replace all panels on ice machine.
2. Run ice machine for at least 15 minutes.
3. Move TDS switch to LOW.
4. Press the reset button on the board.
5. Weigh and record weight of container used to catch ice.
6. Catch ice for 15 minutes.
7. Weigh harvested ice and record total weight.
8. Subtract weight of container from total weight.
9. Convert fractions of pounds to decimal equivalents (ex. 6 lbs 8 oz = 6.5 lbs).
10. Calculate production using following formula:
1440 min. x wt. of ice produced
Total test time in minutes =Production capacity/24 hr.
11. Calculated amount per 24 hours should be checked against rated capacity for same ambient and water
temperatures in Ice Production Tables.
12. Move TDS switch to the HI TDS position.
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