26 HCD710A, HMD710A
Refrigeration system
Refrigerant pressure data
Air-cooled condensers (air) 60 F/16 C 70 F/21 C 80 F/27 C 90 F/32 C 100 F/38 C
Pressure (psig) discharge/suction 190/32 225/34 258/36 292/39 325/41
Refrigeration charge
All service on refrigeration systems must be performed in accordance with all federal, state and local laws. It is the
responsibility of the technician to ensure that these requirements are met. Recharging ice machine to other than
factory specications will void the warranty.
R404A ice machine charge specications
Model Charge Refrigerant type
710A (air-cooled) 21 oz (595 g) R404A
Refrigeration system diagram
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