HCD710A, HMD710A 21
Fig. 20
14. OPTIONAL: Remove and discard the ceramic mating
ring and shaft seal as necessary.
Evaporator reassembly
Fig. 21
15. If removed prior, install ceramic mating ring and shaft
Caution: Do not touch the sealed surface of either part.
Oil from bare skin will cause premature seal failure.
16. Use liquid hand soap on the rubber part of the
ceramic seal when installing in main housing. Use
supplied cardboard disc to press into recess.
1 7. Apply liquid hand soap to raised area of auger
shaft and interior rubber portion of shaft seal before
installing seal.
18. Clean O ring groove. Lubricate O ring with petrol-gel
and reinstall.
Fig. 22
19. Carefully install auger.
20. Rotate auger to position shown to clear main housing
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