HCD710A, HMD710A 13
Water system
The water level in the evaporator is controlled by a feed solenoid and level detecting sensors. Referencing the
diagram below, water sensing probes extend down into the reservoir at the end of the evaporator assembly. The
system works via electrical conductivity as follows:
The probe labeled B is the common. When water is between any of the other probes and the common, the PC
board will sense the activation. During normal operation, the water level rises and falls between the Normal
High and Normal Low probes. As water is consumed to make ice, the level will fall until the Normal Low probe is
exposed, triggering the water feed solenoid on. Water will ll until the Normal High sensor is activated.
Note: The potable water total dissolved solids (TDS) content must be greater than 10 ppm for the water control
system to function properly. If using reverse osmosis water ltration system, ensure TDS level is greater than
10 ppm.
Water system diagram
Water level diagram
Normal Hi
Normal Lo
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