ASUS Features
Thermal Radar 2.0
Featuring two innovative intelligent detection technologies and multi-fan zone design, ASUS Thermal Radar 2.0 places different
sensors on the CPU, GPU and in other areas to collect localized heating information to designate dedicated fan flow automatically to
reduce consumption of overall fan capacity. Additionally, the multi-fan zone design enables multiple fan curves for different zones to
reduce operating time and cost required for manual adjustments and effectively enhances system reliability and thermal efficiency.
More Sensors
Sensors are embedded on front panel, CPU,
NVMe SSD, OCP card, PSU and memory. Up
to 56 ambient sensors on selected models.
Intelligent Adjustment
Fans are grouped for dynamic fan curve
adjustment in different fan zones to achieve
more precise thermal monitoring.
Economic and Eco-friendly
More precise thermal information can reduce
power consumption and lower down TCO.
Dynamic Monitoring
Monitor and feedback CPU loading to have more accurate management on the system.
Auto Frequency Adjustment
Adjust CPU frequency dynamically and automatically based on current utilization to reduce power
Enhanced Power Eciency
Optimize performance per watt for a better power efficiency system.
Power Balancer Technology
ASUS Power Balancer is an exclusive technology that enables ASUS
servers to adjust overall loading automatically based on real-time
monitoring in order to decrease overall power consumption for
improved efficiency and cost/performance optimization.
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