Service Center
Global Presence
ASUS has a very strong global presence. Our products are recognized throughout the world and are sold in 113 countries through
more than 70 branch offices worldwide. ASUS also has more than 1,400 support center across the globe that are ready to assist our
customers anytime, anywhere.
Servers Care
1-Day ARS 3-Year Warranty
ASUS 1-Day ARS allows for convenient return and replacement
of defective products (barebone servers, server motherboards)
via system integrators (SI) and value-added resellers (VAR)
throughout the United States, Canada within one day.
The ASUS 3-year limited warranty protects all ASUS server
products that means barebone servers, server motherboards
are all covered. During the 3-year warranty period ASUS will
repair or replace defective components, allowing your business
or organization to continue with minimal disruption.
ASUS guarantees quality, service and reliability. That’s why we offer an exclusive one-day advanced replacement and return
merchandise authorization service – known as 1-Day ARS. In addition to rapid replacement, all ASUS barebone servers, server
motherboards carry a 3-year limited warranty in most territories – with satisfaction guaranteed.
Countries 70
Branches Oces 1,400
Support Centers
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