Green Design
Good design extends beyond mere aesthetics, products should use modular components for simple repairs and prolonged life
spans, and be easily recyclable at the end of their life cycle.
Green ASUS
Green Manufacturing
Good product cant’t be made without greener manufacturing processes, that’s why ASUS adheres to strict guidelines to
ensure that hazardous substances like lead and halogens are eliminated during production.
Green Procurement
ASUS is not only committed to reducing its own environmental impact. By ensuring a greener supply chain, it is helping to
packaging follow greener principles too.
Green Certifications
Meet the industry’s highest
environmental certications
In 2020 alone, ASUS earned 69,965 green certification from some
of the most prestigious international organizations around the
Green ASUS
Keeping Environment
We at ASUS are fully committed to creating a sustainable future. We believe in adopting an eco-friendly approach towards
every aspect of our business. This is where the Green ASUS philosophy comes in - from our internal practices to our production
processes - we remain focused on safeguarding our planet. ASUS is focused on safeguarding our planet with responsible
products, and ASUS products succeed in combining a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with the highest environmental
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