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Anti-dust tunnels channel debris out of the chassis, preventing build-up
to preserve performance. Active cooling invariably pulls tiny fibers of
dust and debris into the system, where they become trapped and
accumulate on key components over time. This buildup can compromise
long-term performance and stability; heatsinks dissipate less heat, vents
become blocked, and fans generate less airflow.
Anti-Dust Tunnels
Self-cleaning cooling
sustains performance
Higher densities allow n-Blade fans to draw more air with each rotation. The blades must be incredibly thin, so they’re made from a
special liquid-crystal polymer strong enough to withstand high RPMs. The latest version has 83 blades that enable 20% more
airflow than conventional designs at the same noise level—or equivalent airflow with 5dB less noise.
N-Blade Fans
More blades amplify airflow
Automatic switching between Scenario Profiles puts you in the right mode for the moment. Define your
preferred operating mode and other system settings for individual applications and games.
Scenario Profiles
Scenario Profiles enhance your experience
Sintered heatpipes are carefully arranged to draw heat
away from the CPU, GPU, and VRM supplying power. Heat
is piped to slim 0.1mm fins that make up the heatsinks.
With half the thickness of regular fins, we can fit more per
heatsink to make the most of limited space. Extra fins
mean more surface area for heat dissipation. Their
ultra-thin profile lowers air resistance despite the higher
density, allowing fans to more effectively transfer heat out
of the system.
Ultra-Thin Fins/
Dissipate the heat
Laptop keyboards can become uncomfortably hot during
marathon gaming sessions. Venting by the WASD keys allows
the fan beneath to generate airflow through the board, keeping
your crucial inputs cool.
Coolzone Keyboard
CoolZone keeps
keyboards comfortable
Cooling requirements vary based on the task. Turbo,
Performance, and Silent operating modes optimize
performance and acoustics for different scenarios,
providing more power or greater stealth on demand.
Operating Modes
Strike a balance
between speed and noise
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