3. Advanced
Here you can personalize your settings as the following:
Language: After you change the language setting, you need to
select Apply All and then restart your system to complete the
Sync folder automatically: Updated files are automatically
synchronized with ASUS WebStorage to ensure your access to the
latest data anytime.
Show colored status dots on my files and folders: When
synchronization of any document or file is completed, a green dot will
appear at lower left corner of it to inform you of completed
synchronization (illustrated as below).
Show pop-up notification every time when items have been synced:
After synchronization is completed each time, the ASUS WebStorage
icon at lower right corner of the desktop will pop up a notification of
synchronization completion as well as the number of files
synchronized (illustrated as below).
Set MySyncFolder location: Here you can change the MySyncFolder
location and designate your synchronization folder. After the change,
click on Apply all for your cloud data to be automatically
synchronized with the designated folder on the path. Therefore, you
must make sure that all data are synchronized prior to any path
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