Wa rra nty Ac tiva tio n Fo rm 1 o f 2
Na me
Ad d re ss City Sta te Zip
_________________________________ _________________________________________________
Te le p ho ne Ema il
_________________________________ _________________________________________________
Da te Sig na ture
Up o n c o mp le ting the insta lla tio n o f a n Ella Wa lk In Ba th, the fo llo wing Wa rra nty
Ac tiva tio n Fo rm must b e c o m p le te d, sig ne d b y b o th the c usto me r a nd insta lle r, a nd
re turne d to Ella s Bub b le s, LLC . In o rd e r fo r the Wa rra nty to b e a c tiva te d (fa xe d , sc a nne d ,
o r e m a ile d , o r ha rd c o p y ma ile d).
To be initialed by the installer(s)
w w w.e lla sb ub b le s.c o m
Pa g e 1
____Tub is le ve l in a ll d ire c tio ns a nd a ll sup p o rt le g s a re to uc hing the g ro und .
____Tub is insta lle d o n a d e d ic a te d G FC I p ro te c te d c irc uit
____Fra me o f the tub ha s b e e n p ro p e rly g ro und e d .
____ Do o r Se a l ha s b e e n c le a ne d with rub b ing a lc o ho l to re mo ve a ny d ust o r d e b ris le ft
o ve r fro m c o nstruc tio n.
____Te mp e ra ture Co ntro l Va lve o p e ra te d o n b o th ho t a nd c o ld se tting s.
____Bo th d ive rte rs func tio n p ro p e rly.
____Ha nd Sho we r func tio ns o n a ll se tting s w itho ut le a king .
____All sup p ly line s ha ve b e e n c he c ke d fo r le a ks w hile b o th d ive rte rs a re o n.
____ Dra ins o p e n a nd c lo se p ro p e rly, a nd the lo c king nut ha s b e e n tig hte ne d o n b o th
sto p p ers.
____ Afte r running fo r a minimum o f 20 Minute s b o th the Hyd ro a nd Air Pump s a re
____ Chro ma the ra p y Lig ht a nd the O zo ne Ste riliza tio n a re wo rking p ro p e rly. (Whe n the
O zo ne is o n b y itse lf it will ma ke a lig ht hum ming no ise ).
____Unit is insta lle d with a c c e ss to b o th p lumb ing a nd e le c tric a l c o nne c tio ns.
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