lla Wal-In Tub Operations Instructions
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2. Drain Opener with
extension handles (ictured
with the handles facing down
is closed, turn handle
clocwise to open)
2. 2 loor Drain(s)
1. tainless
teel 
lass Door
1. Door andle
Open the drain by turning handles clocwise, or close by turning counterclocwise
To avoid spills or leas, do not fill the tub over the center of the drain handle
Do not open the door until the tub is completely drained
The -hape inward swing door handle is located on the inside of the tub and is designed
for a safer entry with an added dec and wall mounted grab bar
Once you are in the tub stay standing and close the door and turn. The door can also be
closed from a sitting position but it is more difficult
Do not open the door unless the tub is completely drained
1. -hape Dec Mount rab ar
1. -hape
Wall Mount
rab ar
1. ntering the ub
2. Draining the ub
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