Required Steps Prior to Installation
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Place the tub on a completely flat surface in an area where it may be drained after
Using a clean rag and warm water wipe down seal to insure it is free of debris.
Seal the drains (this can be done with tape) and fill the tub to at least three inches
above the highest jet, or to the bottom of the grab bar if no jets are present.
Allow the water to stand in tub for 30 minutes and then inspect all plumbing and seals for
Using appropriately rated three-prong extension cords, all plugged in to separate outlets,
operate all electrical components (air blower, water pump, and heater if applicable) for
another 30 minutes and inspect for leaks again. Inspect the unions around the pump and
If a leak persists at a union after tightening, it may have been over-tightened or might
have a displaced O-ring. Disassemble it and make sure the O-ring was seated properly.
Do the same if a leak persists at the heater. Verify that the heater threads match the
pipe threads.
Pro te c ting the Ba th
Cover and protect the bath shell and fixtures from scratches or other damages during the
insta lla tio n a nd te sts. Re mo ve the a c c e ss p a ne ls whe n mo ving the Wa lk in Ba th a nd
a lwa ys lift the b a thtub fro m the fra me .
Ele c tric a l
The unit MUST be connected to a circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter
(GFCI) provided and installed by a licensed electrician and tested periodically (refer to
instructions provided by GFCI manufacturer). Electrical requirements vary based on
package; please refer to package diagrams included in the specifications. A licensed
electrician for your area is required to install and test the electrical installation process. DO
NOT use any kind of extension cords to power the unit.
Operating the pumps without first filling the bath to above the jets can cause permanent
d a ma g e to yo ur e q uip me nt.
Push the G FC I β€œ te st” b utto n into β€œ re se t” mo d e . If the G FC I fa ils to o p e ra te in this ma nne r,
there is a ground current flow or a device malfunction, indicating the possibility of electrical
sho c k. If this o c c urs, turn O FF the p o we r a nd d o no t use the b a thtub until the so urc e o f the
problem has been identified and corrected.
Wa te r Te st
It is important to te st tha t the Hyd ro a nd Air Pump s a re func tio ning properly before final in-
wall installation to avoid unnecessary repairs or removal.
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