1-3ASUS LCD Monitor VX278 Series
1.5 Monitor introduction
1.5.1 Front of the LCD monitor
5 2
3 4 7
5 6
3 4 7
1. QuickFit Button:
This is a hotkey to activate the QuickFit function designed for
The QuickFit function contains 7 pages of common grid patterns,
paper sizes, and photo sizes.
2. , , Button:
Automatically adjust the image to its optimized position, clock,
and phase by long pressing this button for 2-4 seconds (for VGA
mode only).
Use this hotkey to switch from eight video preset modes
(Scenery Mode, Standard Mode, Theater Mode, Game Mode,
Night View Mode, sRGB Mode, Reading Mode and Darkroom
Mode) with SPLENDID™ Video Intelligence Technology.
Exit the OSD menu or go back to the previous menu as the OSD
menu is active.
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