3-3 Chapter 3: General Instruction
2. Blue Light Filter
Adjust the energy level of blue light emitted from LED backlight.
Input Select
Move Menu Exit
System Setup
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Blue Light Filter
• Level 0
: No change.
• Level 1~4
: The higher the level, the more blue light will be reduced.
When Blue Light Filter is activated, the default settings of Standard
Mode will be automatically imported.
Between Level 1 to Level 3, the Brightness function is user-
Level 4 is optimized setting. It is compliance with TUV Low Blue Light
Certification. The Brightness function is not user-configurable.
Please refer to the following to alleviate eye strains:
Users should take some time away from the display if working for long hours.
It is advised to take short breaks (at least 5 mins) after around 1 hour of
continuous working at the computer. Taking short and frequent breaks is more
effective than a single longer break.
To minimize eye strain and dryness in your eyes, users should rest the eye
periodically by focusing on objects that are far away.
Eye exercises can help to reduces eye strain. Repeat these exercises often. If
eye strain continues please consult a physician. Eye exercises: (1) Repeating
look up and down (2) Slowly roll your eyes (3) Move your eyes diagonal.
High energy blue light may lead to eye strain and AMD (Age-Related Macular
Degeneration). Blue light filter to reduce 70% (max.) harmful blue light to
avoiding CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).
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