1-4 Chapter 1: Product Introduction
3. , Button:
Decreases values or moves your selection left/down.
Volume hotkey (only available in VX278Q/H models)
Contrast hotkey (only available in VX278N models)
4. MENU Button:
Press this button to enter the OSD menu.
Press this button to enter/select the icon (function) highlighted
while the OSD is activated.
5. Button:
Press this button to increase the value of the function selected or
move to the previous functions.
This is also a hotkey for Brightness adjustment.
6. Input Select Button:
Use this hotkey to switch from VGA, DVI (VX278N),HDMI
(VX278H/Q), DP (VX278Q) input signal.
7. Power Button/Power Indicator:
Press this button to turn the monitor on/off.
The color definition of the power indicator is as the below table.
Status Description
White ON
Amber Standby mode
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