GEM-MFI SERIES For the Electrician
Page 15
Connect the electrical power to the unit to the wires in the junction box at the rear of the machine. Check the
nameplate (located on the back panel) for the voltage requirements, and for the minimum circuit ampacity.
The machine requires a solid chassis to earth ground wire.
Connect the ice machine to its own electrical circuit so it is individually fused. Voltage variation must remain
within design limitations, even under starting conditions.
There is a separate junction box for the remote condenser fan motor. Install an interconnecting wire between
the remote condenser and the junction box at the back of the ice machine.
The remote condenser must be wired to the ice machine in accordance with local and national electrical codes
with a minimum of 18 AWG. wire with a ground bonding wire connected to the ground screw provided in both
the condenser and machine field wiring boxes. All outdoor wiring must be in rainproof conduit.
All external wiring must conform to national, state and local electrical codes. The use of a licensed
electrician is required to perform the electrical installation.
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