The OSD (On-Screen Display) menu 43
Set Monitor
Assigns an ID number for the current display when multiple displays are
• For use under the RS-232C control mode.
Uses the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) industry standard protocol to
share functionality between connected devices and the display. To transfer system
commands, you need to use an HDMI cable to connect the display to a device
equipped with HDMI CEC. Select On in this menu and you can operate the main
functionalities on your display and the connected device with one remote control.
Auto Search: Automatically detects available input sources.
Auto Adjustment: Automatically optimizes image display for the VGA input.
Overscan: Turns the overscan function on or off.
RGB Signal: Sets the type of signal for a piece of video equipment or PC
connected to the HDMI of the display.
- If the color space of the input signal is YCbCr, the input range will be fixed as
16~235 regardless of your selection of PC or Video.
- If the color space of the input signal is RGB, the input range will be set to
0~255 if you select PC, and 16~235 if you select Video.
• This function is only available when the input source is HDMI at the following resolutions:
- 480p60 (640x480@60)
- 576p50
- 720p50/60 (1280x720@60)
- 1080p50/60 (1920x1080@60)
Image Retention: Automatically displays swift moving patterns to prevent image
retention on the screen.
OSD Rotation: Changes the OSD orientation.
OSD Info Box: When turned On, switching signal inputs, or changing timing, the
display will show the current input source and resolution onscreen. Select Off to
show the information box onscreen only when you press INFO on the remote
Adaptive Contrast: Turns the Adaptive Contrast function on or off. This feature
enhances image contrast for dark scenes.
• This feature is not available if the Ambient Light Sensor function is set to On.
Ambient Light Sensor: When turned On, the image brightness will change
automatically as the ambient lighting conditions change.
Displays the following information of your display.
• Date
• Model Name
• Serial Number
• Operating Time
• Software Version
• LAN Version
• IP Address
All Reset Returns all settings to factory default values.
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