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Item Description
PAP Setting
(Picture and
PAP: Turns on or off the PIP (Picture in Picture) and PBP (Picture by
Picture) functions.
Active Picture: For the PIP, selects the main or sub picture to operate. For
the PBP, selects the left or right picture to operate. Swaps the main/ sub or
left/right pictures.
Picture Size: Changes the size of the sub picture.
• In PIP mode, when the aspect ratio of the sub picture’s source signal is 4:3 and its
Aspect setting is set to Full 1 or Real, the aspect ratio of the sub picture will be 4:3.
• In PBP mode, the aspect ratio of the sub picture is fixed as 16:9 regardless of the
Aspect setting.
Picture Position: (PIP only) Changes the position of the sub picture.
• PAP is not available for all signal source combinations. See "Supported PAP input
signal combination" on page 60 for more information on supported combinations.
• In PAP mode, only sound from the active picture will be available.
Display Wall
H. Monitors/V. Monitors : Sets the number of displays used in the
horizontal/vertical direction.
H. Position/V. Position: Sets the horizontal/vertical position of the display
wall matrix.
Frame Comp.: Adjusts images near the display edges for optimal
demonstration across the display wall.
LED: Turns the power indicator on the display on or off.
Power On Delay: Choose to enable or disable a sequence in turning on the
screen matrix. If enabled, the display will turn on with a maximum of 10-
second delay.
Sets the picture’s aspect ratio.
Wide Zoom: Enlarges to fill screen with minimum distortion.
Zoom: Enlarges the picture, keeping the same aspect ratio.
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