The OSD (On-Screen Display) menu38
Picture menu
Picture Mode Standard
Backlight 80
Contrast 50
Brightness 50
Chroma 25
Phase 25
Sharpness 10
Color Temp. Neutral
Noise Reduction Off
Film Mode Auto
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Item Description
Picture Mode
Provides preset picture modes (Vivid, Standard and Cinema) for using the
display in different environments, and one customizable picture mode
(Custom) for setting up a user preferred mode.
Adjusts the backlight intensity for the screen.
• This feature is not available if the Ambient Light Sensor or Adaptive Contrast
function is set to On.
Contrast Adjusts the contrast of the image.
Brightness Adjusts the brightness of the image.
Chroma Adjusts the color intensity of the image.
Phase Adjusts the color tint of the image.
Sharpness Adjusts the image sharpness.
Color Temp. Adjusts the color temperature.
Reduction Reduces electrical image noise caused by different media players.
Film Mode
If Auto is selected, the screen display will be automatically optimized by
detecting picture content and applying a reverse 3-2 or 2-2 pull-down process.
The picture will be clearer and more natural.
• This function is not available when displaying Picture and Picture (PAP).
• This function may not be correctly processed depending on the input signal.
Reset Resets all settings in the Picture menu.
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