Connecting audio/video signals
Pay attention to the following notes when you connect cables:
• Please turn off all devices.
• Familiarize yourself with the audio/video ports on the display and the devices you want to
use. Be aware that incorrect connections may adversely affect picture quality.
• Do not remove cables from the ports by pulling the cable itself. Always grasp and pull the
connectors at the end of the cable.
• Ensure that all cables are fully inserted and firmly seated.
Connecting the VGA input
1. Connect the VGA IN jack on the display to the VGA output jack on a computer using the
supplied D-Sub (15-pin) cable.
2. Connect the computer’s audio output jack to the AUDIO IN (AUDIO 1) jack on the
display using a suitable audio cable. To select an appropriate audio source, see "Audio
Source" on page 39 for details.
3. To view images from this input, press the VGA button on the remote control, or select
VGA from the source selection bar.
• The audio cable is not supplied and should be purchased separately.
D-Sub (15-pin) cable Audio cable
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