better grip and squeeze the mounting tabs simultaneously,
screw driver can be used to press the each mounting tab
down individually and pushing the switch out, alternating
sides until the switch is released from its position.
Replace the original switch with the new switch, ensur-8.
ing the correct orientation.
Re-assemble the remainder of the log grate in reverse 10.
order from the instructions above.
Tools Required: Philips head screwdriver
Needle-nose pliers
WARNING: If the log grate was operating prior to ser-
vicing, allow at least 10 minutes for light bulbs and heating
elements to cool off to avoid accidental burning of skin.
WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any
maintenance to reduce the risk of electric shock or damage
to persons.
Disconnect and remove all of the logs from the unit and 1.
put them in a safe place.
There are four (4) screws that secure the bottom as-3.
sembly to the grate. Remove the four (4) screws and
the whole box can be removed and enable you to have
Remove the housing being careful not to add any strain 5.
to the wires connecting to the switches.
connection and replace with the new wire.
Reassemble the bottom assembly and mount back 7.
through the cutout in the outside panel.
Re-assemble the remainder of the log grate in reverse 9.
order from the instructions above.
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