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Figure 3 - Remote Control Functions
A. Room Temperature
B. Set Temperature
C. Dimmer
 
E. Sleep Timer
 
G. Temperature Down
H. Temperature Up
I. Dimmer Down
J. Dimmer Up
 
 
M. Sleep Timer Down
N. Sleep Timer Up
Remote Control Functions
B. Set Temperature
Press F button ( ) to turn Log Grate on.
Press H to raise the thermostat.
Press G to lower the thermostat.
Press both H and G
C. Light Dimmer
Press the F button ( 
Repeatedly press the J or I button to decrease or increase
the brightness of the upper lights.
D. Flame Speed
Press the F button ( 
Press the L
Press the K
E. Sleep Timer
The Sleep Timer automatically shuts off the Log Grate after
a preset time (from 30 minutes to 8 hours).
Press the F button ( ) to turn the Log Grate on.
To set the sleep timer press the N button.
Set the timer from 30 minutes through 8 hours. The Log
Grate will automatically turn off when the sleep timer
reaches zero (0) minutes.
The Sleep Timer can be cancelled at any time by pressing
the M button repeatedly until the sleep timer displays
WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any
electric shock or damage to persons.
F. Flame & Heat On/Off Button
Press the F button ( 
When B is higher then A the heat will come on. To turn the
heat off, lower the B so that it’s setting is lower then the A.
!NOTE: When using the remote control the heater runs
on a thermostat. Press the H or G buttons to adjust the
set temperature. Once the desired set temperature is
reached the heater will turn off. The heater will cycle on
and off to maintain the desired set temperature.
Disable Heat
If desired, depending on the season, the heater on the unit
can be disabled. The unit will operate in the same fashion,
with remainder of the controls.
To Disable - Press M and H at the same time. The
temperature setting on the remote will no longer be visible.
!NOTE: The heat will not work in manual controls either.
To Enable - Press I and K at the same time. The
temperature setting will now be visible again.
Child Lock 
Depress tab on the battery cover on the back of the 1.
remote control and remove the battery cover.
Move 2. Child Lock tab to the right to lock the remote
Move 3. Child Lock tab back to the left to unlock the
remote control.
Replace the battery cover.4.
!NOTE: To temporarily unlock the remote control press
(in order) G then H then I.
When the remote control’s backlight is illuminated the Child
Lock is bypassed. When the backlight is off the Child Lock
is re-activated.
WARNING: Disconnect power before attempting any
tric shock or damage to persons.
Log Grate Surface Cleaning
Use warm damp cloth only to clean surfaces of the Log
Grate. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
An authorized service representative should perform any
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